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what are the steps to take from stoping my partner from extra marital affairs?

Break Free From The Affair Discover Steps to overcome the infidelity, stop the marital affair and heal from the infidelity in your marriage or relationship. Find out more

Why do Americans have such a poor view of extra-marital affairs?

Ok, so I’ve never cheated myself and I’m wondering why we as Americans have such a negative view of cheating in comparison to other parts of the world where it is somewhat more accepted that people cheat. And that the cheating really has no bearing on how you actually feel about the your actual mate. […]

Emotional & Relationship Selling – Daniel G EMOTIONAL & RELATIONSHIP SELLING What do top sales people do differently from other sales people? Two of the most important things are that they focus on the emotions of their clients and they build long term relationships with them. Why??? Because top sales people understand that buying decisions are emotionally based and relationships with […]

Yess Boss (1997) Hindi Movie [HQ] Part – 5/15

Starring : Shahrukh Khan, Aditya Pancholi, Juhi Chawla Director : Aziz Mirza Writers : Sanjay Chel (dialogue), Mangesh Kulkarni (screenplay), Aziz Mirza (story) Music : Jatin Lalit Plot : The film is about Rahul (Shahrukh Khan), a middle class man, revelling with a lucrative job and extra earnings made by helping his boss deal with […]

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