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my father was having an extra marital affair. i and my mom think that it is still going.wat should b done ?

i am just 12 and how can i chase him ? mummy is ill so she cant do anything now. my sis and we r worried. he doesnt behave that good that other fathers behave 2 their family. i dont hav that guts 2 ask him wat is the truth ?

Does Your Husband Have the Signs of a Cheater? shows you how to catch an internet cheating spouse with simple, yet effective strategies, all without the need for hiring an expensive private investigator.

whats the difference between extra-marital affair and marital sex.?

i am in love with one who got already married. i m a bachelor.already i have been affair with her since my school days.but she told me that she was treated me as a friend on those days.but now she is also in love with me.but we had no sexual relationships till now. we can […]

I need to know about emotional affairs.?

Do you believe emotional affairs are harder than physical affairs? This man claims he is in love with me. He is married. But, we are not physical. I am just wondering if he will ever leave his wife. He is trying hard to make his marriage work (i guess) but the wife does not seem […]

Looking for website to buy a phone record. I am going to catch a cheating spouse.?

I am looking for suggestions on a site you may have used or know of.

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