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GUYS : How do u feel when ur wife and girlfriend are fighting for ur love???

That is while u are having an extra-marital affair !

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How long should a woman wait for a man to come back to her?

(extra marital affair)

Cheating spouse or No spouse?

There are many people here who post that they have cheating partners.Usually they will get replies to leave their cheating partners.But some of them who can’t bear to leave their partners will continue to stay with them.This means that to them it is better to live with a cheating spouse than to lose them.Most people […]

Can somebody quote me a Bible verse that says an emotional affair is a sin?

Of course a physical affair is adultery, but what constitutes adultery anyways? Is just kissing adultery? Can you do everything but go “all the way”, and still not have committed adultery? That’s why I am confused on the emotional end..talking w/another married person sometimes sexually, IS that adultery? I am really looking for a Christian […]

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