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Moral turpitude in professional wrestling?

Moral turpitude is a legal concept in the United States that refers to “conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals.” Recently many people have been giving Jeff Hardy a hard time about his drug issues, myself included to some extent. But has anyone noticed that when other superstars […]

If you know someone is cheating on their spouse, do you tell the other person?

Why or why not? Do you do it anonymously?

What’s your opinion on emotional affairs? And i’m talking about No nookie involved here…?

The reason I ask is because my girlfriend of 2.5 years told me that she had an emotional affair with a girl who also liked her. The affair happened about 1 year ago, with her co-worker. She was always texting this girl, and I knew something was up, but my gf lied to me and […]

Florida Divorce laws concerning the father?

My father is in the process of filing for a divorce from his wife and is seeking the house and full (or at least primary) custody of the children. I know Florida is a no fault state when it comes to extra marital affairs as long as it isn’t detrimental to the children, but she […]

Spy on Your Girlfriend – What Are Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend & How to Catch Her Easy!

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