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What keeps you from cheating on your spouse?

how can i get emotional support?

i am 33yrs young lady,having an8 yr old husband is having an extra marital affair with my younger sister.ours is a love marriage but this thing has distroied my faith in marriage system…i cant take divorce bcoz my kid is very much attached with her father i.e my husband and i also love her […]

Why blame a cheating spouse ?Is it not love after all,the basis of whatever?

When a spouse cheats he/she does not really cheat, they just fall in love with another as they did before their marriages.Some most of the time say ‘,just think of what is lacking in your relation ‘ as if the cheated spouse knows it all.Nothing is wrong with with either of the them,period.We fall in […]

Is someone who has an (emotional) affair with someone of the same sex bisexual?

I think so. I mean, “100% straight” people do not engage emotionally or physically with someone of the same sex if they are married, right? These affairs are just as valid and harmful to the marriage, right? And, hence, they are not straight, right?

Am I the one NUTS ?????

Ok, I love my husband a lot and we are married for like 2 weeks. Even though I still love him and all that ( atleast I think I feel the same way emotionally ) but I have completely lost my interest in him physically. He is very good in that but I feel that […]

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