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How often is the baby not his?

Does anyone have any statistics on how often extra-marital conception occurs? i.e. where the baby daddy mistakenly thinks he’s the newborn’s actual father (due to an affair)?

Who is responsible for ending affair – Wife, cheating Husband or Mistress?

It’s been 2.5yrs and everyone is aware of extra marital relationship and Husband does not live with wife. Husband asked wife for divorce & she filed but, he or she didn’t take further action. Mistress is patient. Wife is stubborn. Both wife & mistress depend on husband.

Is it illegal to send an anonymous email to tell someone their spouse is cheating?

I have proof. The cheating spouse used my computer to send this person messages about them being together. I feel bad for the spouse. I would want to know. I would send it anonymously so I won’t really be in the middle of it.

What do you do if you know your spouse is cheating on you or you know your friends spouse is…?

…cheating on them??? Do you confront the cheater? Do you try to catch them in the act? What would you do?

You CAN NOT kill your spouse if she is cheating?

No matter what the other 2 posters said. (I’m sure many people saw the answer). Yes, in Texas youcan carry a weapon. You can use it ONLY for self defense. Temporary insanity does not get you off the hook. You still get locked up somewhere. So don’t move to Texas just to off your cheating […]

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