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Do you feel that a person who forgives a cheating spouse, is to weak to run a Country ?

When you considered cheating on your spouse (or if you did), was the other person better looking?

than your spouse? (Or, if the reverse happened, was the other person that your spouse cheated with better looking than you?) (This is not a thread relating to the moral issues around adultery, so please leave your value judgments aside if you do not fit into this question.)

How long would you punish your spouse for cheating on you?

I’ve been doing it for 6 months now. See, the thing is I was pregnant at the time and the baby is now 2 months old.

If a spouse comes home early and finds their wife/or husband cheating on them and kills them?

Should it be considered temporary insanity or should they get the highest level of punishment possible for the murder?

Are people weak or strong when forgiving a cheating spouse?

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