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what was your most fulfilling revenge on a cheating spouse?

im legally married yet my spouse is in a relationship because he says he no lnger loves me is this cheating?

we separated a yr ago after 12 ys of domestic violence. still legaly married, he comes back to stay in my apartment till he gets his own. this is still adultery isn’t it? i want him to be a part of his sons life but, i can’t stand him all day long he chats on […]

To people that are currently cheating on there spouse?

Why did you start doing it and what would make you stop? Also, is it really worth it? I am not here to judge just wanted to know what you guys thought about when cheating on your spouse.

Does Character matter in politics? Cheating on spouse while in office good or bad?

Hey – he only lied to Hillary. I am having an affair and cheating on my husband. that is why I took down my 360 page stuff. So he won’t find out. Who’s business is it but ours? We are not hurting anyone. Neither was my hero-in chief Bill Clinton.

what’s the absolute best revenge on a cheating spouse?

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