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Do you agree with Carl Paladino that Andrew Cuomo had extra-marital affairs while married to Kerry Kennedy?

Karl Rove’s politics is back.

How can you tell if your spouse genuinely regrets a mistake(cheating)?

Imagine your spouse cheats on you over a period of time(so not just a one night stand or something, but basically having a relationship with someone). You find out about it and she stops the “adventure” and tells you he/she regrets it. While it is probably impossible for one to forget something like that, it […]

Feature of the Day – “Mpango wa Kando”

Despite an ongoing campaign to discourage extra-marital affairs between older men and young girls, a spot check by KTN reveals that in Kenyan society the practice is largely acceptable. Boni Odinga interviewed a sociologist and also sought your views and now tells us that as long as polygamy remains an acceptable African practice, the concept […]

Am I a bad person if I hate the children my husband concieved through his multiple extra marital affairs?

My husband has had only six/seven affairs that I know of. Each one seems to produce a child, he even has a set of twins. I dont always like it when they come over (every other) weekend because they’re spoliled. They are definitely their “momma’s children” acting out, rude, disrespectful … you name it. And […]

Surviving Infidelity – Top 5 Things You Need To Do Now If you haven’t gone through a spouse’s affair then you have no idea the pain and devastation that is involved and how hard on someone surviving infidelity truly is. This isn’t just some bad day you’re having or something you just “get over”.

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