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Stop Infidelity – Trust is good, Control is better

Trust nobody. Don’t be naïve Control is better. infidelity “causes of infidelity” “infidelity betrayal” “reason for infidelity” “stop infidelity” “marriage trust” “signs of a cheating spouse” “prevent infidelity” “preventing infidelity” “understanding infidelity” “discovering infidelity” “sign of infidelity” “marriage affairs” “infidelity trust” “affairs infidelity” “spouse infidelity” “marital infidelity” “affair infidelity” “signs of infidelity” “infidelity test” “infidelity […]

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup – Tutorial

Premium cell/unlisted phone number database is at This video describes how to pull up the owner name, contact info, household members and address details that correspond to any cell phone number or otherwise unlisted phone number – by using free sites and free resources on the internet. These methods work very well, but they […]

The Fear of Aging: How to Overcome it

Award winning author and psychologist provides expert advice on how to deal with the fear of a cheating spouse. Dr. Brenda Shoshanna has been published in over 16 languages and appears frequently on TV and radio. Her new book FEARLESS teaches how to move from fear to authentic peace of mind.

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Should You Confess Your Affair? –Dr Sheri Meyers

INFIDELITY-Renown TV relationship therapist, Dr Sheri Meyers discusses the pros and cons of telling your partner that you had an affair.

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