Why would a mistress contact a spouse to tell about the cheating?

I see this in M&D once in awhile. Why would the mistress call the spouse? (Unless she were preggo or something criminal happened; but otherwise?) Makes no sense.

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26 Responses to “Why would a mistress contact a spouse to tell about the cheating?”

  1. Kris says:

    Maybe she feels guilty or she is trying to break up the marriage.

  2. HisKitty says:

    She is a good person..?

  3. Mr O says:

    because revenge is a dish best served cold…like gazpacho

  4. Savannah Storm says:

    becasue he has threatned to stop their relationship and she doesnt like it so she tell s the wife about it and gets him in trouble.. if she has to be alone, so does he…

    i dont know really.. just guessing…

  5. Fergy says:

    Probably the Guilt. Who knows? I’m still working on the 8×10 photo. LOL

  6. Lost in Colorado says:

    She wants him to tell his wife and he won’t.

  7. J says:

    She could be mad at him and wants to hurt him or she could hope it would break them up so she could have him all to herself,

  8. chmacqueen says:

    Basically hopes the spouse leaves and the misstress can get to be the next spouse. Trying to drive them out basically so they can move in and not have to play games behind the scenes anymore.

    Then also sometimes if pissed at the husband/boyfriend who has been promising to leave the wife for the misstress yet never does and keeps making excuses suggesting he’s just been stringing her along.

  9. You K says:

    Because she is a bigger scum than the person married.

  10. emma82020 says:

    because most mistresses are just tramps …they only destroy peoples llives thats all their good for …whores,tramps,sluts,dont care about anything but themselves…and dont really care about themselves or they wouldnt be doing it to start with

  11. *****.....***** says:

    Well I think maybe he lies to the mistress and says hes ‘going through a divorce’ ….ticks her off and decides the WIFE needs to know shes married to a LOOSER …

  12. Another Censored Enigma says:

    Chics are insidious.

    It’s not that the mistress wants the guy, it’s just that the mistress wants to get one over on the wife.

  13. daljack -a girl says:

    Makes perfect sense…..she wants to cause trouble and telling about the affair will certainly cause trouble.

  14. Ryde-0n says:

    The only times I’ve had this happen was when I turned her down and she was seeking revenge.

    It was all bullshit but still caused plenty of trouble.

  15. DJ says:


  16. ouragon says:

    Totally revenge. The opinion of most women on here is “they want to know.” I don’t want to know, and I sure don’t want to know from some third party.Gross.

  17. Sunny says:

    The mistress is tired of waiting for the man to leave his wife, so she wants to speed things up OR he did something that pissed her off so she wants someone else to hurt OR she just wants to make it known that she got the wife’s man (a competitive thing, which is really sick, but there you have it).

    In any case it’s not because she likes the woman.

  18. chevellss1966 says:

    Because they want to stir up some “action”. The adulterer probably left and now the lover is VERY angry. I had that happen to me…she sent a phone, with pics and texts and everything. Gut wrenching is what it was. They are angry as hell and want everyone to suffer and hurt like they are.

  19. Shana says:

    The only reason that makes sence is that she wants him for herself.

  20. Jan says:

    She either feels guilty, or found out you don’t know.

  21. Jackie says:

    To me, this is the chance the married guy takes when he gets a mistress. Most mistresses won’t call the wife but, just like anything else, there are ones that will. They do this because sometime during the relationship they actually think the married guy is gonna leave his wife. When they find out different, they start causing the guy all kinds of problems.

  22. Suzi Rae says:

    My husbands mistress contacted me hoping that I get pissed and divorce my husband. Although my husband move out to continue their relationship. I still won’t divorce him so she can’t marry him.

  23. cass5 says:

    be cause he promised to leave and he hasnt. and it finally dawns on the bimbo thats she just been a walkingsextoy for him!!

  24. Autumn says:

    This is such an easy one, Harry. It is most likely because, that no matter what was said, she was hoping you would leave the wife for her and once she sees that you have no intention of doing this, she becomes hurt and angry. This way she can hurt both you and the wife, for whom she already harbors a lot of jealousy and hatred. A bonus for her could be that you would be free and available soon. The only other logical scenarios for this, other than what you mentioned, are that this was all a game to her and she gets off on helping to cause lots of trouble and havoc, or she has suddenly developed a conscience or become religious, and this is what she thinks is the right thing to do.

  25. Jackie says:

    shes making u a single man for herself. by telling her.

  26. violet says:

    It’s a tough question. In my situation, I was the mistress for two years. During that time, I told the cheat many times, “just tell me if you need to go back and I will walk away, just don’t play with me or my feelings. He swore he loved me, but two years later he said he needed to go back and do thing the right way, but that he didn’t love his wife. Before telling me this, however, I started seeing signs that he had been playing with me and his wife. He lied to both of us and basically made us puppets in his game. So I am thinking about telling him he can be the one to tell his wife or I will do it – plenty of evidence. Why? Why would i tell the wife? I would tell her to force him to be truthful somewhere. I don’t want him back but it makes me sick to think he will do this to his wife again, and of course, I am furious that he played me after all my attempts to let him go back and at least have honesty between us, even if we never spoke again. If I tell the wife, the two could break up, but it could also force them to deal with their problems and force him to be responsible for his conduct. Right now, he sees himself as the poor guy who couldn’t leave his home because he’s so honorable. That’s fine, but then let’s see some honor somewhere, with someone. His wife asked him about me as recent as a week ago and he lied, but he lied to me too. People complain about cheats being liars, but no one is willing to hold their feet to the fire. If more cheats thought that they would be forced to be honest in the end, maybe less cheating would happen.

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