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10 Responses to “Recovering From An Emotional Affair”

  1. lavonnajenny says:

    Nice fat girls finding romance online

  2. Amalijhgfd says:

    Great Russian women for you ** **

  3. john123wayne says:


    its effing impossible for most chicks. broads bring up s*** from YEARS ago. thats when i give them the big BOOT. :)

  4. timulair says:

    - don’t keep brining up the past.
    now that’s a lesson for you girls to remember.

  5. SilentBat says:

    But they said all that they needed to say.

  6. pablo123cool says:

    short you getinmidiatly to the point thats good

  7. barrysrutherford says:

    you produce some good shows very professional a bit short on substance !

  8. courtneyjk1 says:

    that’s a really good answer. The first thing to do is to talk, let him/her know how you feel about the situation.

  9. edersiomoran says:

    Good answer.

  10. Kami9799 says:

    …that was short and to the point….i like it!

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