dating advice cheating part 2 FW8ENG

the difference between emotional and physical cheating. The premise is that if you catch your partner having an emotional affair with someone else, its not the end of the world and its absolutely no reason to call it quits. Basically, the reason why your partner is having an emotional affair in the first place is because that other person fulfills a need that you may not necessarily be providing in the relationship. As social creatures, both men and women thrive on relationships, which is why we have friends and family. The point is that as long as your partner remains loyal to you physically, having an emotional affair does not necessarily constitute cheating. If an emotional affair has occurred, the best way to go about dealing with it is talk about it with your partner. Go somewhere public where the conversation will not result into a shouting match. By simply talking it over, you will discover what the need is that the other person fulfills for your partner. Maybe its something that you could have provided in the first place, only you werent even aware that your partner finds you lacking in that department. At the end of the day, as long as your partner remains physically loyal to you and chooses to stay with you your relationship is still okay.

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