Rev.Herman Murray

“the last time was the last time” Rev. Herman Murray at Voice Of Deliverance Rev herman Murray at Voice Of Deliverance

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  1. MiracleRevival90 says:

    This church seems a little dead. I pray they’ll get excited about the Word.

  2. drey204 says:

    @jounzun41 …..i dont think yoju know what babtism is….its not dipping someones head in water in the name of jesus and declaring them cleansed….what good does that do….one needs the word,deliverance and the holy ghost…..whatever you cant compromise on amounts to nothing of merit and is most surely petty

  3. remedized says:

    @rachel4779 You suppose to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. When you said “name” in that question, it is stated as being singular, not plural. That name is Jesus Christ, simply because Jesus is the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Our Heavenly Father is Jesus, in John 10: 30 Jesus said “I and my Father are one.” Calling Him God is just a title. The Holy Ghost or Comforter is Jesus’s Spirit that dwells in the souls of the righteous.

  4. remedized says:

    @mossboy4 Well brother you are preaching! 1 Peter 3: 21 is what you meant. the Devil made you do a typo :))

  5. remedized says:

    @mossboy4 Well brother you are preaching!

  6. remedized says:

    @mossboy4 Amen :))

  7. mossboy4 says:

    @jounzun41 ~ The disciples were baptized by the Lord Jesus himself, however, they didn’t have power UNTIL they received the HOLY GHOST! Example, While Jesus was still on earth Peter denied Him 3x then cut a man’s ear off in front of Him! The disciples didn’t even have power to stay awake when JESUS told them to as he prayed! The ONLY reason they could cast out devils & work miralces is because JESUS was physically with them!
    Clearly, we see POWER to live upright is in the Holy Ghost, not water!

  8. mossboy4 says:

    @jounzun41 ~ The bible says, “by HIS stripes we were healed”! There’s healing in the shed blood of JESUS CHRIST!!!

    The bible says (acts1:8) POWER comes upon someone AFTER they have received the Holy Ghost! So, we know the POWER to live free from sin, to work miracles, etc is not in baptism but it is ONLY in the HOLY GHOST!!!!

    In Acts 10 the gentiles were SAVED & got the HOLY GHOST before being baptized in water! I know they were SAVED because God wont give the Holy Ghost to folk not Saved!

  9. mossboy4 says:

    @jounzun41 ~ Hebrews 9:22 “…and without shedding of blood is no remission”!

    1 Peter 3:1 “The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us (NOT THE PUTTING AWAY OF THE FILTH OF THE FLESH, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ”!

    I never said baptism is not a must, its commanded for us to be baptized! But what GOD is concerned about is the life you are living when you come up out the water!

  10. jounzun41 says:

    @mossboy4 ….You stated “The bible clearly states that baptism does NOT cleanse the body from the filth of the flesh! It’s the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, that SAVES, HEALS & DELIVER! The bible says, without the SHEDDING OF BLOOD there can be NO remission of sin! Thats the bible!”

    Please show me the scripture where all of that is stated. I agree anyone who continue living in sin will not make it to Heaven but Baptism of Jesus is symbolic of the blood and is NOT an option of obedience.

  11. mossboy4 says:

    @jounzun41 ~ I don’t care if someone has been baptized 50 times in Jesus name or 50 times in the name of the Father Son & Holy Ghost, if you get out that water & continue to live in sin…. that person will NOT make it to heaven!
    The bible clearly states that baptism does NOT cleanse the body from the filth of the flesh! It’s the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, that SAVES, HEALS & DELIVER!
    The bible says, without the SHEDDING OF BLOOD there can be NO remission of sin! Thats the bible!

  12. jounzun41 says:

    @normreed Well, I’m sorry there’s no other name to be saved but in the name of Jesus and that should be the same in Baptism. I don’t care how good he preach it’s all in vain if he’s not baptizing in the NAME of Jesus. Sorry but I can’t compromise on that.

  13. normreed says:

    @rachel4779 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

  14. giavonnia15 says:

    where does he gets his clergy jackets from

  15. rachel4779 says:

    Does Herman Murray baptize in the name of Jesus, or in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?

  16. matrix0813 says:

    The Spirit of god is the holy spirit!

  17. CDubb2k8 says:

    the devil got “TKO” in this one…

  18. MOSSNT says:

    Hey, YouTube “J. R. Moss”
    (..he’s a young blood for the Gospel)

  19. MOSSNT says:

    Hey, YouTube “J. R. Moss”
    (…he’s a young blood for the Gospel)

  20. Changer01 says:

    He never sinned. I think that’s what we have to know and he was different from the other men. He was gods son and he knew it. He said: I have to be in the house of my father!
    Interesting discussion.

  21. SolideoGloriafella says:

    Those kind of teachings from Kcmi89 teach that Jesus lacked something that He got at baptism. They teach that Jesus “became” God at baptism, since He got new powers that He did not have before His baptism.
    Those are lies…and distort the supremacy of Christ.

  22. SolideoGloriafella says:

    Yeah, Jesus baptism was symbolic. His baptism did not give Him new poewr that He did not already have – Hes GOD – always was – always is – and always will be God…..

    People who espouse “kcmi89′s” view – I ask this question….How could an omnipotent God be empowered by a baptism?

    If god can be empowered, then He isnt God…

    Jesus possesses all power from everlasting’s beginning to everlasting’s end. Baptism cant empower an all powerful being like Christ.

  23. Changer01 says:

    Yeah. Good observation. He already had the holy spirit in his body. Every normaloy conceived man has a human spirit inside. But stillhe lived under the law because he had to fulfil it for the father. It had to happen like this. And when Jesus was baptised, what did he say to John the Baptist? “It has to happen like this, let us fulfil all righteousness.” Even if John recognized that this one was bigger then him. And then the holy spirit came upon him like a dove and u know why? It had to happen.

  24. SolideoGloriafella says:

    Im not denying the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Im saying it happens at conversion.

    The Spirit allows man to believe in God. The Holy Spirit is given at true conversion (faith/repentance) not walking an aisle.

    How can a man have salvation without having the Spirit of God in him?

    The Spirit comes at salvation

  25. SolideoGloriafella says:

    You may want to read Ezekiel 36:24-28 about salvation before you make another comment about “walking down an isle”. Salvation doesnt occur in walking down an isle. Salvation comes by faith/repentance from sin

    When a man receives faith(gift from God), and repents of his sin, that man has the Holy Spirit. No man can repent and trust in Christ unless he is drawn by God to do so. Repentance /faith is a work of God

    The Spirit allows a man to believe. No man can believe unless the Spirit allows

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