Herman Murray ~ Even the Preachers Must Live HOLY!!!

GOD’s prophet of Deliverance – Herman Murray Jr. HOLINESS plus Nothing!!!

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7 Responses to “Herman Murray ~ Even the Preachers Must Live HOLY!!!”

  1. TrueLifeMinistries1 says:

    @Njabulo86 That is true But  I don’t think it fare to judge everybody By what one are a few others are doing every preacher is not sleeping around or stealing money

  2. ssudanese says:

    People forget about those preachers who are not walking the walk but go to Church to praise GOD AND GO TO CHURCH FOR YOURSELF and do not worry about those who are liars because God will judge them

  3. ETScott2012 says:

    @perateduntothegospel : It depends upon the church you go to. Not all churches are under the anointing or the Power of the Holy Spirit. So, don’t be deceived by the wolf in sheeps clothing, because they are out there seeking to devour.

  4. perateduntothegospel says:

    Those who dont go to church are under submission to the enemy..Church is power so he will do what he can to keep you out

  5. GiltEdgeMedia says:

    Very convicting message

  6. Njabulo86 says:

    co-sign, I know a lot of people who claim to be Christian but never go to church or study the bible, because they dont feel they need a preacher to have a relationship wiht God/Jesus.

    The main reason I think is they dont trust preachers, especially nowadays we got an epidemic of preachers committing fornication with women in their chiurch, stealing money from the church

  7. jeanetteaw says:

    Those who do not go to church, or those who hate organized religion, will never know the beauty of church, when it does work, when the anointing flows and the spirit of the Lord comes in and has his way…beautiful!!!

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