Herman Murray ~ Disobedience caused God 2 useTHE lying prophet

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9 Responses to “Herman Murray ~ Disobedience caused God 2 useTHE lying prophet”

  1. mossboy4 says:

    @PastorKemp Read 1 Kings 13… entire chapter

  2. mossboy4 says:

    @PastorKemp Read 1 Kings 13… entire chapter

  3. PastorKemp says:

    Where in the bible is this from?

  4. truthistheway5 says:

    Gods word is Good Amen

  5. 2edgesword says:

    Oprah supports banning free speech,Obama wants to pass HB 1959 which will calls anyone who has different views about our government a homegrown terroist enemy combatant, and maybe imprisioned by force with out legal representation.

  6. blackmaleactor says:

    My God I enjoyed this clip Pastor Moss. But I really enjoyed the drop down article you wrote, especially the part about Abortion. I had never heard the John the Baptist explanation before. Glory to God! Be encouraged.

  7. FLOWERS511 says:

    I just want to say thank you Jesus for the few men and women of God that are determine to preach the Word of God without twisting it to fit their own agenda. God Bless you!

  8. JCWalk2 says:


    My prayer has been LORD LET THE REAL CHURCH STAND UP AND LET THE FAKE MESS CRUMBLE! Part of the crumbling process is exposure! Expose ‘em Lord!

    If people choose to continue to follow them, they’re following them and not God and that’s idolatry! He said NO other gods!

    God Bless!


  9. ToBeLikeJesus1 says:

    Awesome. As God’s people we have to be very careful who we listen to and obey. If it be from God then God will speak by His Word because God will never say anything contrary to His Word. “For in the latter times some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrinces of devils” – I Tim. 4:1. Thanks Mossboy4.

    Min. Burke

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