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Cheating Husband Pays For His Affairs

Is Your Husband Cheating? Find out NOW: This video is happily presented to you by Let’s face it, finding out that your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you is enough to enrage anyone. What you see here is a common reaction to affairs and this is all the more reason to think […]

Emotional Affairs at Work

Emotional Affairs at Work. EMOTIONAL FREEDOM author Dr. Orloff discusses the danger of having emotional intimacy with “work spouse” and tips from her book to save your marriage.

Do Italian men have extra marital affairs because they don’t like to do it with mothers, wives and sisters?

is men having extra-marital affairs a ‘womans issue’ or only the personal issue of the wife?

Do you think facebook is a major factor and temptation in having extra marital affairs?

with ex’s coming out of the woodwork’s and single work colleagues wanting to be your S/O friend,do you know what happens on your partners facebook account and would you prefer them not to have one? LOL at weisen but i bet you would miss her if she found another man and want her back

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