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Jiffy Lube Scam Caught on Tape!

Jiffy Lube caught by a news investigation team charging people for work and not doing it. Huge thanks to Joel Grover for exposing this fraud. More of his investigations can be found at their site: ***UPDATE*** Three years later and Jiffy Lube is still scamming customers. Watch:

Boyfriend Caught in Car with some other Girl Sting Operation

Personel Tracking ================= Perhaps you’re a concerned parent whose teenager just got a car or Motorbike and is away at School , college or Friends Parties. Or you’re trying to get down to the bottom of your suspicions of a cheating spouse. Whatever your reasons are for keeping a closer eye on what you care […]

Learn How To Cheat and Not Get Caught – Life is short, have an affair or two, but learn how to ot lose half your stuff by getting caught cheating on your spouse, boyfriend, girlfirend, lover or other. This instant download cheating manual will guide you on what you need to know. Written by one of the top “How To” guys in […]

Cheaters Caught With Their Pants Down! -Literally!!! Trace a UK Phone Number

Cheating Spouses Caught by SPI Sample of cheating spouse investigations by SPI. If you suspect that your spouse may be cheating, SPI can help you gather evidence for divorce or custody case. We use a wide range of technologies like GPS tracking, Video Surveillance, Cell phone forensics and computer data analysis. Find out more at http

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