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Pain of Extramarital Affair Destroys Intimacy in Marriage The infidelity coach helps you deal with the pain of the extramarital affair that destoys the intimacy in your marriage. Free Ecourse.

is men having extra-marital affairs a ‘womans issue’ or only the personal issue of the wife?

Why do some women have extra-marital affairs?

This question is for women only. When I was married, my wife cheated on me with another man. She never gave me a clear explanation as to why, but over the years after talking to men and women about relationships, I came up with 3 reasons why I feel some women have extra-marital affairs: A: […]

Are there any legal consequences for having extra-marital affairs?

Why is it considered acceptable for men to have extra-marital affairs?

I read an article a few days back that said it was a healthy sign for men to indulge in extra-marital affairs. The level of tolerance is much higher for men as compared to women. If a women does so, she is called all the bad names in the world. Why these double standards? Check […]

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