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Recovering From An Emotional Affair |Smart Talk About Love Got a question? Ask it now at http Be prepared for this tricky situation. Featuring America’s Love Experts Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal. YourTango is your source for smart talk about love, sex, dating and relationships. Whether you’re married, single, taken, engaged or “it’s complicated,” check out our videos […]

Banned Commercials – Hyundai video commercial from france (

a great commercial

How Long Does it Take to Recover From an Affair? Couples come to me all the time, frustrated that they haven’t gotten over their incident of infidelity. Recovering from an affair takes time. There are no short cuts. Even after two months, in most instances, this news is still hot off of the press. The affair recovery period often takes much closer to two […]

Roses call from a VD Clinic

War Of the Roses calling as a VD clinic. BUSTED!

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