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Having An Affair With A Cheating Woman

Is having an affair really that bad? Couldn’t it obey to a higher purpose than just having some marital affair fun? And why exactly having an affair or married affairs with A CHEATING WOMAN? Check it out at

Having An Affair With The Boss – cheating girlfriend humiliated on Live Radio

Want More? – No matter who your significant other might be having an affair with, when you find out your cheating girlfriend has been unfaithful to you with her boss, drastic measures must be taken, as you’ll hear in this video.

Having an affair with boss – cheating girlfriend faces revenge – Can’t believe we forgot to add this one to the library of infidelity videos. This is actually a work of fiction, but very humourous.

Is My Wife Having An Affair

Want MOre? presents a bad example of what to do when you catch your wife cheating. Since no one gets hurt, this video is actually pretty funny, but discovering that your girlfriend or wife is having an affair is not humorous at all. This video demonstrates that if you want to learn how to […]

My Spouse is Having an Affair:What is God’s Will For Me Now?

Take care of YOU! When you start taking care of you and take the focus off of the cheating spouse they will see what a good example you are. In this video we try to show that some things such as a spouse who is having an affair are out of our control!! We don’t […]

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