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I’ve Been Unfaithful In My Marriage, Help!

This video is encouraging to those who have been unfaithful in their marriage. Seek and You Shall Find!

I will help you deal with a broken marriage due to a cheating…

Going through a rough spot in your marriage? Did you find out about your cheating spouse? What do you do? Where do you go from here? Lots is going through your mind right now. You do not know where to go and what to do. It can be difficult to just ignore the issue, but […]

help me save my marriage after an affair

KeepRelationshipTogether.INFO A few cutting words from a loved one, hurt feelings, and a defensive retort that leave both with regrets. It can be something much deeper.

How to catch a cheating spouse…. please help me?

Ok, I caught my husband cheating 3 years ago, we worked through it and he promised he would never cheat again.. stupid me believed him, but now, the signs are back… I am a very attractive woman I work out daily.. but he has no sexual attraction to me, he is short tempered with me […]

Would a marriage counselor help in you finding out if your spouse cheated on you?

I’m not sure if my husband cheated on me or not and I’m desperate to find out. If we start therapy or counseling or anything of the sort, would they help your spouse admit to the cheating, or would they just help you get past it, whether the cheating happened or not?

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