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Should You Forgive a Cheating Man?

Save time and money by getting FREE in-depth information, honest recommendations, and expert tips on surviving an affair and saving your marriage at The way you deal with cheating men says a lot about your self-esteem and self-confidence and how much you value yourself as a person. No one deserves to be cheated on, […]

Should You Confess Your Affair? –Dr Sheri Meyers

INFIDELITY-Renown TV relationship therapist, Dr Sheri Meyers discusses the pros and cons of telling your partner that you had an affair.

Should I Take My Ex Back After They Cheated Or Did Me Wrong.

Is a relationship over without a shadow of a doubt if one of you have cheated and been unfaithful or done you serious wrong in some other way? or are there circumstances and exceptions when you should take your cheating ex back.

Adultery: Should I Leave My Husband? (Part 1) In this video Angie and Frank talk about what a spouse can do if their spouse wants a divorce.

should you get divorced immediately if your spouse is cheating?

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