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How To Detect An Affair – Is that special someone lying to you? or

CNN Tech Expert Shows You What You Need To Do To Find Out If Someone Is Cheating CNN tech experts shows you which BrickHouse Security devices can be used to find out if someone is cheating. For more information about these products, click here BrickHouse Security

Why is it when someone finds out their spouse is cheating they want to fight the other person?

Most of the time peoples first reaction is “Im gonna kill him or her”. Him or her being the person that your spouse is cheating with. For all you know this person might not even know that your spouse is taken. If your spouse is low enough to cheat on you, he or she probably […]

If your spouse was cheating with someone else?

And you found out the person they are with is married, would you contact that person’s spouse so that they would know as well? I’ve found out my wife has been cheating and found out the info of the person she is cheating with. This guy has a 1 month old baby at home and […]

If your spouse is cheating, would you want someone like a coworker tell you?

This is just a follow up question from the one I previously posted. I am the coworker in this case, and some says MIND MY OWN BUSINESS. Now if you are in the position of the spouse being cheated… would you rather want to have someone reliable to tell you? Or you’ll just wait until […]

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