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Are there any legal consequences for having extra-marital affairs?

Is there a collapsed mine you would love to trap your cheating spouse in?

I found interesting that one of the trapped miners in Chile was cheating on his wife. Both the wife and mistress came to the collapsed mine site but only the mistress stayed to hug the man. So far the people I’ve talked to have said they would have left the man down there to rot. […]

To people that are currently cheating on there spouse?

Why did you start doing it and what would make you stop? Also, is it really worth it? I am not here to judge just wanted to know what you guys thought about when cheating on your spouse.

Anyone drag there cheating spouse to counseling, Did it work??

I am trying to get my cheating wife to go to marriage counseling. She wants to keep cheating on me because she is not sure of me being able to. A little background- I had major surgery around a year and half ago. Nearly died. She took care of me. Recovering from the surgery it […]

is there anyway to get a lie detecetor test to prove to your spouse u arent cheating?

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