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Should I Take My Ex Back After They Cheated Or Did Me Wrong.

Is a relationship over without a shadow of a doubt if one of you have cheated and been unfaithful or done you serious wrong in some other way? or are there circumstances and exceptions when you should take your cheating ex back.

Real People and What They Think about Celebrity Cheaters like Tiger Woods – tell YOUR cheating story and qualify to win a free iPod in the color of your choice. Dr. Denise Wood, relationship expert, goes on the street to interview everyday people to see what they think about celebrity cheaters

Do Italian men have extra marital affairs because they don’t like to do it with mothers, wives and sisters?

Is it unfair that men are called to give up extra marital affairs if they want to be a disciple of Christ?

Doesn’t this get a bit silly? What’s the big deal? Why can’t someone be a follower of Christ and have some women on the side too? What’s the harm?

Extra-marital affairs in Japan? Are they as popular as in France?

I don’t know any Japanese nor French personally however movies and literature form an image of extra-marital affairs being acceptable in Japan and France. For example many Japanese men have a “mistress” and I’ve read that extra-marital affairs are socially acceptable in France.

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