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Real People and What They Think about Celebrity Cheaters like Tiger Woods – tell YOUR cheating story and qualify to win a free iPod in the color of your choice. Dr. Denise Wood, relationship expert, goes on the street to interview everyday people to see what they think about celebrity cheaters

Do you think facebook is a major factor and temptation in having extra marital affairs?

with ex’s coming out of the woodwork’s and single work colleagues wanting to be your S/O friend,do you know what happens on your partners facebook account and would you prefer them not to have one? LOL at weisen but i bet you would miss her if she found another man and want her back

why do you think some men chose to have extra marital affairs with co workers?

like on the lunch hour ,how come mostly this carry on starts at work,isn’t that against work ethics in the first place?what are your thoughts thanks

Your thoughts please, do you think an emotional affair?

is as damaging as a physical affair? I’m talking about a married couple where one partner has either an emotional or a physical affair with someone other than their spouse.

Do you think all states should adopt a law enabling married people to sue their cheating spouse’s lovers?

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