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42 USC 666 – Calculating This Damnation.

US Civil Code 42 USC 666: How To Calculate This Damn Nation. 6 Children x 6 Fathers = 6 Tax Free Child Support Checks. Attention Dead Beats: The Iron Sign Over The Auschwitz Gate In Former Nazi Germany Reads ‘Arbeit Macht Freid’ Translated And Paraphrased: “Labor Made Free” & “Hard Work Made Free”. Like It […]

This is a Love Story – teaser THIS IS A LOVE STORY is a movie about Blake and Molly Hathaway who have both found themselves in extra marital affairs; only to have their infidelity bring them back together… sort of. Written and directed by: RYAN HARPER GRAY Produced by: ADAM DONAGHEY (St. Nick, Lovers of Hate, Earthling) Cast: TIFFANY LONSDALE […]

Is this considered cheating on your spouse?

My husband when on a lunch date with another women and did not tell me until afterwards. He said he took her out to show his appreciation because she saved him a lot of money on his car insurance. I feel his actions were not appropriate. I have never heard of someone taking out their […]

Is this cheating on your spouse?

You left them cause you could not take the cheating and mental and physical abuse? And when you left you started dating you basically are separated. Is it ok for the man to cheat but not the women? So would you say the women was a cheater? She never cheated in the marriage only the […]

This is a question for married people who had experience an emotional affair?

What happen to your marriage?

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